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TEKPROS minimizes risk and maximizes value by examining your business objectives, risk tolerance, timing constraints and commitments. TEKPROS determines the right solution blend for you and your situation. The team is firmly equipped to strategically assess your variables and recommend a plan of action. Leveraging more than 20 years of contact center operations experience, and financial stability, TEKPROS helps you develop and successfully execute a blended solution strategy.

Arrow Cost Savings
Arrow Customer Satisfaction and Brand Equity
Arrow Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Cost Savings
Companies are considering the advantages of outsourced, offshore services as they face both increasing business performance pressures and customer expectations, along with diminishing customer loyalty. To help drive better revenue, margins and profits, companies with significant outsourcing experience-as well as companies that have never outsourced - are evaluating the offshore options.

TEKPROS cost-consciously combats your internal inefficiencies and inconsistencies by providing:

Arrow Guaranteed cost reduction with peace-of-mind
Arrow Reliable, risk-free business continuity
Arrow Flexibility (account management and pricing)
Arrow Scalable capacity to specific needs
Arrow Comprehensive offshore entry and exit plan
Arrow Defined workforce realignment plan
Arrow Minimized risk with maximized cost benefits.
Customer Satisfaction and Brand Equity
Many global companies focus on their core product or service mix - not running a world-class customer care organization. It is extremely difficult and sometimes distracting to make the investments required to stay ahead of rapidly changing customer needs and at the same time protect brand equity. At TEKPROS, customer care is our core focus and competency. We have invested in TEKPROS Offshore Services to help clients promote and protect their brand through world-class customer care:
Arrow Our proficiencies and leading technologies allow you to focus on your core strengths
Arrow Our investment in state-of-the-art technologies and processes that are delivered in packages that suit your specific needs
Arrow Our pursuit of new acquisitions to handle even more customer interactions for you.
Guaranteed Service Level Agreement ( SLA )
Our clients have clear business-related goals when choosing an offshore program for customer management and TEKPROS has a rich history of delivering upon such agreements with its clients. When devising such an agreement, TEKPROS and the client outline specific goals related to customer satisfaction, average handle time, and call resolution, among others. Performance is then monitored on a regular basis and goal adjustments are made to ensure that the terms of the SLA are met.