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TEKPROS works with our clients to manage their platforms and specific applications according to their unique business requirements and technology needs. Our expert team is there to free up client staff so they can do what they do best; run their day-to-day business. We offer a full menu of hosting, infrastructure, managed services and project management services to ensure their business has choices when they have more projects than staff to handle the workload.

Our services are designed to ensure your business has a trusted, reliable team to turn to when they want or need expertise to leverage today’s technology. No work is performed until the client and TEKPROS document the services in a mutually agreed upon SOW which will include specific services, roles and responsibilities, schedules, and all other necessary documentation. We strive to ensure our clients get maximum return on investment for the money spent on IT project support and services.

TEKPROS offers the following services:
Bullet Points Hosting Services
Bullet Points Infrastructure Services
Bullet Points Managed Services
Bullet Points Project Management Services
Bullet Points Workforce Solutions