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TEKPROS Virtualization Solutions can help your organization create a converged, responsive data center by virtualizing all of your operations. Partner with us to support your data center hardware, hypervisors, applications and consoles in an open ecosystem. You can also extend virtualization benefits to your workforce. Our services will help you reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and improve operating expenses through automation, while minimizing lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime. Benefits include the ability to pool and automate all data center resources including servers, storage, networking, security, and availability and combine them with automated operations management and policy-based provisioning. The result is a software-defined data center and infrastructure platform that delivers the full efficiency and agility of cloud computing.
Increase server utilization, getting the most out of your available computing power to accomplish whatever the task may be.
Decrease spending. Save money by requiring fewer servers to do more and increasing the utilization of existing servers
Conserve energy. Servers generate heat and easily break down if they aren’t kept cool. With the rising costs of utility bills virtualization can be a fast track to big savings.
Safeguard data. Archiving data and replicating the network off site through virtualization is a recipe for an all but bullet-proof disaster recovery plan...
Increased flexibility. By automating computing tasks across multiple sources, the likelihood of downtime is almost non-existent. If one source fails, another picks up the slack.