With its extensive onshore and offshore experience and resources, TEKPROS is ideally suited to help organizations explore the offshore options, devise the optimum and custom offshore scenarios and set up the necessary infrastructure, processes, coordination, resource recruitment and management.

For a start, all of the services and capabilities described in the previous pages are available to our customers at Onshore or Offshore locations. TEKPROS can help customers with devising the right mix of Onsite, Near shore and Offshore resources to execute their projects or business processes in a cost-effective manner while maintaining high quality and quick response/turn-around times. TEKPROS has been operating its offshore facility in Hyderabad , India for quite some time and also has its own recruiting and staffing operation in India which can provide the same quality of IT and Engineering Staffing services that our customers in the US are used to getting.

More specifically TEKPROS is able to provide the following Offshore services to its customers. Of course, we can also customize and extend these services to suit a customer's specific needs.

IT Services

  • Software development services
  • Application development and management
  • Re-engineering
  • Conversion and migration (across platforms/ languages/ versions)
  • Data warehousing and mining
  • Embedded systems
  • E-commerce applications

Data Entry

  • Data control audits
  • Regular reporting of work systems
  • Data entry software and validation tables
  • Dispatch of data to the customer
  • Double keyed data (when required by the customer)
  • Proof checks


  • C, C++, VisualC++, Java, Javascript, Java Beans, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise
  • Java Beans (EJB), ASP (Active Server Pages)
  • Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Access
  • Novell Networking
  • EDI and Integration
  • Bar Coding and Hand Held Data Collection
  • DOS, Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT
  • Business and Industrial Systems
  • Support of spreadsheets, word-processing and various 3rd party applications
  • PC hardware and services