The modern workplace has brought the connected technology trend which could empower your workforce with the power of digital mobility. However, along with this trend comes inherent risks and a set of new considerations for security, privacy, connectivity and management. TEKPROS MDM capabilities offer 360’ mobility solutions to secure corporate data and keep devices up-to-date. We address the entire mobile device lifecycle, monitor, manage and provide support for all the major platforms used for business so that your workforce work with the devices they choose while protecting your enterprise data.

Mobile asset inventory

We assess your mobile asset inventory and simplify the asset management process in different stages.

  • Device inventory – Enables you to track details beyond the basic physical details (device ID, hardware model, firmware version) and record/report on related assets.
  • Inventory classification and maintenance – Helps you assess, classify and update applications in the inventory. Our MDM solutions let you poll periodically and carry out admin-initiated audits easily.
  • Physical tracking –Track metrics, usage, location of asset/device. Advanced GPS, location-based MDM features have now become feasible.
  • Database integration –Manage other assets and integrate records into a common database using inventory exports or reports.

Devise Provisioning

We ensure that your device-provisioning project is rapid and runs without glitches in the IT environment. We work with your team and maximize your uptime, and save you a significant amount of manpower and money. Our processes include:

  • Supported Platform –Visualize your current applications, classify and manage devices and make device-independent choices while establishing baseline acceptance criterion for specific business uses.
  • Device registration and activation –Help administrators/users effectively register handhelds, install and activate an MDM agent and provide back-up support.
  • Implementation and Deployment Resources – We bring experienced IT professionals who will augment your staff and accelerate successful completion of your most complex MDM projects.
  • Device configuration – Apply standard configurations to each application to secure devices, eliminate non-business applications and ensure standardized procedures.

Mobile Security management

We offer advanced MDM security services to safeguard data and extend support with features that are missing from mobile OS's or related device tasks. Our services include:

  • User authentication – Cutting edge procedures to ensure authentication in various scenarios for users before granting access to devices.
  • White/Black lists and device restrictions –Control device settings and disable risky interfaces and wireless options.
  • Password policy enforcement – Enforce stringent password policies to avoid unauthorized login or malicious attacks.
  • Secure communication – Protect sensitive MDM data and provide own secure channels rather than third party protocols.

Monitoring and help-desk support

We monitor and help maintain your MDM platform and initiatives with:

  • Real-Time Analytics – Properly engineered settings, real time status and health information (memory, battery, network connectivity) for a compliant IT environment
  • Activity reports –Monitor mobile user activities including interaction with business servers and networks and set restrictions on what they need to know
  • Audit and Compliance – Set up standard policy and privacy regulations and automate remote assessment, remediation and compliance reporting
  • Ongoing support – Extensive training resources and self-help portals for management. 24x7 Support services to address small to big IT issues.
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