Clear your Azure security roadblocks

Integrate to directory services and simplify the enrollment process for end users

Get more control over security with granular access management and authentication

Meet your data compliance audits and achieve favorable results

Azure Compliance Management

Non-compliance can ruin your business. We ensure that your business comply with the industry requirements by conducting audit and checking if the implemented controls are designed effectively and are aligned with the policies set by the security organization.

data loss protection

Compliance Assessment

Score cloud against common regulatory compliance standards and provide a detailed report with remediation actions needed to improve the customer’s compliance posture.

advanced authentication

PCI-DSS Compliance

We help you meet your PCI related compliance goals by providing configuration hardening and monitoring, patching, user management and reporting.

information protection
information centric encryption

Compliance Controls

Impose physical security, environmental controls, network infrastructure, human resource and operational security controls to help configure your environment to meet your compliance requirements.


Compliance reporting

Identify and store compliance reports, legal texts, standards and objects for preparation of audits

Privacy and Data Management

We help you protect your sensitive business data and assist you meeting regulatory data compliance requirements related to data and storage. We assess your threat perimeter and create custom policies that give restricted access to data and ensure that your data is protected.

global threat intelligence

Data encryption

We ensure high-level data protection by providing access to data acces policy tools, encryption tools, key management automation and clearly defined security processes to protect your business and meet key compliance requirements.

cloud access security broker

Data classification policy

Get help meeting your compliance objectives and benefit from an additional layer of governance over new or existing corporate and regulatory based data classification system.

advanced threat protection
layer protection

Advanced Authentication

Implement authentication beyond just name and password to protect your sensitive information from fraud, unauthorized access and other overriding security concerns.

multi vector telemetry

Robust Auditing and Reporting

Includes tamper-proof auditing that tracks all authorized and unauthorized attempts to access protected data, as well as any changes to security policies. All log records are encrypted and protected.

Threat Detection and Remediation

We Act beyond threat prevention and plan for a swift breach detection and remediation to minimize the risk and secure your IT environment.

Secure Web Gateway

Breach Detection

Leverage Tekpros 24X7 services to monitor your environment, detects breaches using advanced analytics and tools and proactively looks for active risks.

End point protection

Minimizing Breach window

Minimize the exposure to breach by quickly reducing the time exposure to breaches so they don’t harm the security of your enterprise.

cloud access governance

multi factor authentication

Broad Database and OS Support

Supports encryption for all major relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server. We provide round-the-clock support to build a proactive security posture, diminish your attack surface and achieve business resilience.

Secure and Manage Hybrid Cloud Your Platform for compliance and security

compliance and security

Managed security

We help you avoid the burden of procurement, onboarding or ongoing maintenance through support tools and processes.

cloud workload security

Multifactor authentication

We reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your mission critical data and applications using two factor authentication to provide your users with secure access to any application using any device and over any network.

data center security

Intrusion Detection

We provide ironclad intrusion detection log management and compliance management to protect your business and applications from malicious activity by continuous monitoring and remediation.

workload protection
web application firewall

Vulnerability Assessment

We help you stay ahead of attackers by proactively identifying potential attack vectors or vulnerabilities in your environment with end-to-end support and remediation guidance.

control and compliance

Data Protection

We help you get high-level data protection through secure column level encryption to achieve flexible compliance, retain full control of the security business environment and future-proof them.

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