Overcome your DbaaS obstacles with Tekpros

Easily assess, migrate, consolidate and manage high volumes of fragmented applications, databases and SQL instances.

ELower OpeX, Recruitment costs, Overtime, training, tooling and overall IT costs of implementations

Gain insight into your database environment to enable you to optimize utilization, predict and plan for expansion, and minimize unnecessary software and hardware costs.


Enterprise Database-as-a-Service Implementation and empower you to optimally consolidate and virtualize your environment. Recommendations from this assessment generally reduce your hardware and software costs significantly.

Environment familiarization

Understand the data model, application, effectiveness of the current business state in terms of Financial, security/compliance and Technical/ functional aspects with a detailed break down

Architecture Review

Assess the environment if you are taking the full advantage of your workloads and your infrastructure is best aligned for future updates.

Operational Needs

Address the operational needs of your environment like Patching, Back-ups, DR Tests, Escalations and other need of the hour.

Cost Assessment

Understand the risks, technology, spend and resources of your current environment, assess the possibilities and plan your organisation towards a desired future state.

Database Migration

Migrate your Multi-tenant DbaaS instance or Dedicated DbaaS instance with a series of of streamlined operations and optimized solutions.


Gather business requirements, assess the costs and benefits, and perform data profiling. Plan ahead on whether will you use an ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) tool, scripting, or some other tool

Multi Cloud Manangement

Move the data using scripting /ETL tool or some other tool and transform the data, normalize data types, and check for errors.

Database schema conversion

Build a schema of how your database is structures and convert the schemas so that the structure of the data works with the new database.

Testing and tuning

Once you've moved the data, you need to verify that the data was moved correctly, is complete, isn't missing values, doesn't contain null values, and is valid.

How You Make all you Software Assets Secures and Compliant.


Performance Management

Offload the burden of managing recurring tasks and provide all-time support in maintaining and optimizing systems.

Performance Tuning

We ensure the database performance doesn’t degrade and is tuned to deliver optimum performance out of the platform for the application.

Event and Incident management

We enable detection and management of issues that arise through alarms (events), proactive health-checks or contact from customers and work 24x7x365 with a proactive approach.

Enhanced Patching

We perform emergency patching to address security vulnerabilities being delivered via the Event & Incident Management service and do a proactive maintenance.

Disaster Recovery/ Contingency plan

Prepare a viable rollback strategy to mitigate risk if the go-live execution encounters problems, establish reliable backup services and implement comprehensive DR plans and fail-over environments if needed

24x7X365 support

Having served the industry for over 2 decades, leverage our expertise to achieve your dream cloud state with our all-time proactive support.

Proactive Monitoring

Maximize uptime, monitor systems in third party or on-premises systems and offer a proactive service regardless of where systems are and wheteher they sit on physical servers or cloud.

Back-up Management

In addition to the standard server backup process, configure the native backup and log shipping capabilities to provide customers with a more granular solution.

Resource Management

Provide a seamless service to all managed databases wherever they are hosted and run different databases and prevent the domination of resource consumption.

Service Management

We address escalations, change management, new service requirements, road mapping and future proofing, and risk and issue management.

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