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Perform cloud analysis, optimize your cloud environments and reduce TCO

Maximize on your cloud investment and increase your ROI

Meet your future demands of your business with scalable Azure resources

Azure Governance and Management

Get help meeting the legal requirements for data sovereignty, check if your critical systems are in proper condition and get a view if every resource is accountable and billed back accurately. We help you ensure that your data and systems are billed effectively and balance it with the need of agility.

Device control

Financial governance

Ensure that your financial objectives are achieved while moving from CapeX to Opex systems, conduct showback vs. chargeback analysis, get a clear-cut estimation in billing for large cloud deployments and achieve optimal financial objectives for your business requirements.

Web control

Operational governance

Get recommendations to analyse and implement Azure operational models that are used to optimize an organization’s cloud operations model based on their specific Azure platform and services usage and business / service level requirements.

End point control
Application control

Cloud Compliance

Leverage remediation strategies for vulnerabilities on the cloud and ensure they meet the compliance standards set by the cloud provider as well as the business SLA’s.

minimizing attack surface

Support Governance

Get all round support, whether you are getting started or already deploying business-critical workloads on Azure and optimizing your business environments.

Azure Architecture Optimization


Assessment of Current Architecture

Access the current status of your cloud architecture, along with any involved coding or designing processes to identify areas of concrete improvement and prevailing gaps.

Device management

Operating Mis-Provisional Resources

Unceasing optimization to identify mis-provisioned resources by correctly configuring the cloud resources to deliver the required services and performance levels.

Threat Detection and Response
Application controls

Application controls

Block grey software/malicious sites, manage applications usage, control access to sites that don't conform to corporate security policy.

App containerization for BYOD

App containerization for BYOD

Isolate corporate data from personal data in special containers that can be encrypted, wiped and accessed separately from employee's personal data.

CISO's INVESTIGATE Endpoint Security - Peer-authored Research

Adaptive threat protection

Azure Cost Optimization

Identify and understand cost drivers and spikes, optimize your spending with breakdowns and get help governing your finances. Instead of just cutting costs, get help spending on the right resource and maximize your investments.

Remote software distribution and troubleshooting

Proactive Spend Management

Consolidate billing, monitor and optimize spend, and eliminate surprises with integrated visibility, budget and cost control.

Network Access Control

Cost analysis

Identify and eliminate waste, leverage long-term savings, like Reserved and Spot Instances and reduce costs with automated on/off scheduling. Leverage our team of cloud certified engineers to implement recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment
Hardware and software inventories

Cloud Cost Control

Visualize the consumption of resources on the cloud to have more control over cloud storage, cloud spend etc and deploy cost control measures by empowering teams to their own spend through statistics about usage and costs.

Threat intelligence

Usage & Forecasting

Monitor resource utilization levels; manage allocation or quotas; and accurately plan, forecast or predict, and control azure usage

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