TEKPROS delivers an end-to-end approach in Endpoint Security. A single unified console enables visibility throughout the environment that correlates vulnerability intelligence to the detailed configuration of each endpoint. This gives organizations an immediate, up-to-date and accurate view throughout their operations essential to assuring continuous compliance demands. Endpoint Security not only delivers typical endpoint operations relevant to security such as software distribution or configuration management, but also the direct management of endpoint security functionality

End Point Control

Monitor how your employees are utilizing the IT resources of your cloud environment, protect your endpoints against malicious programs, hacker attacks and maximize the security performance of your business.

Device Control

Control settings and enforce flexible policies on usage of external devices, detect vulnerabilities, restrict running apps from removable media and implement safe device control settings in your security program.

Web control

Create browsing policies around specific sites and prevent its access inside or outside the workplace to uphold the business security policy and ensure overall compliance.

Application control

Set a black list to block unwanted/malicious software based on categories, regulate and set rules for launching genuine applications and keep your network protected.

Minimizing attack surface

Reduce the attack surface by eliminating possibilities of threats from web threats, external devices and unauthorized applications like malicious software or restricted legitimate applications.

Threat Detection and Response

Authenticate users and restrict access to personal data using basic /advanced authentication procedures like passwords, PIN's, pattern locks, fingerprint readers etc. on popular mobile OS in the enterprise.


Scan for viruses, Malware and phishing scams and offer real-time mobile device protection using cloud assisted technology.

Device Management

Address the entire mobile device lifecycle, monitor, manage and provide support for all the major platforms used for business so that your workforce work with the devices they choose while protecting your enterprise data.

Application controls

Block grey software/malicious sites, manage applications usage, control access to sites that don't conform to corporate security policy.

App containerization for BYOD

Isolate corporate data from personal data in special containers that can be encrypted, wiped and accessed separately from employee's personal data.

CISO's INVESTIGATE Endpoint Security - Peer-authored Research


Vulnerability Assessment

Identify, mitigate risks and remediate software vulnerabilities which exist in a system/organization. Eliminate exposure to software defects, safeguard sensitive information and protect the critical assets of your IT environment.

Remote software distribution and troubleshooting

Execute programs, scripts and associated files remotely and automate applications from a single console. Pull inventory reports from connected domains/computers and provide support on demand.

Network Access Control

Control device settings and disable risky interfaces and wireless options. Verify and restrict access to new devices against IT security policies and redirect guest access/devices to a captive portal.

Hardware and software inventories

Enforce stringent password policies to avoid unauthorized login or malicious attacks

Threat intelligence

Overcome cyber security skill shortages and streamline security processes with extensive operations and built-in integrations.

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