Solve your key SAM Challenges

Address software compliance issues in cloud to transition workloads to Azure smoothly.

Advanced License Management process to help utilize existing on -prem licenses.

Avoid overage and overspend in Azure by proactive monitoring and management

Azure Compliance management

Proactively measure cloud migration requirements for essential cloud delivery of business-critical services including planning, budgeting for monthly SaaS, IaaS and PaaS costs with Hands-on Expert Advisory Services.

Risk Assessment

Take a Broader risk-mitigation and data protection approach on optimizing costs and resource while balancing business security and compliance requirements.

PCI compliance

Secure your business processes with our end-to-end services which spans the entire asset lifecycle and meet compliance objectives.

PCI validation

Create a custom Compliance Validation Services (CVS) approach that renders tailored solutions to specific requirements to achieve and continuously maintain PCI compliance.

Security Awareness

Empower your employees with technology and security know-how on protecting your business against risks and compliance missteps.

Azure Contract Management

We deliver a transparent enterprise procurement strategy for all business level to streamline information flow and communication for the end users.

Program Management

Establish standard operating procedures with tools and technology to support the entire contract lifecycle

Contracts creation and execution

Review the contract, negotiate in commercial terms and track the stages in contract execution


Manage, mitigate risks and escalate issues for dispute resolution. Get help from our experts in administration of contracts on renewals, changes and terminations.

Reporting and Analysis

Get insights of the contracts in aspects of process performance metrics, contract status, financial performance and take necessary steps to support the future state organization.

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Azure Enterprise Asset Management

Address your EAM needs for Cloud Migration and deploy necessary Cloud configurations or capabilities for aligning to the business strategy and achieving desired results.

Investment planning and asset specification

Gain control over business planning, simulation and other aspects of investment management with our comprehensive managed services.

Procurement and implementation

Gain control over business planning and simulation, investment management, collaborative specification and project management with our services.

Maintenance and operations management

Handle technical aspects asset management, budget and performance analysis for the entire cloud lifecycle.

Decommissioning and disposal

Perform asset transfer and disposal, check for regulatory compliance in the enterprise and ensure a risk-free cloud environment

Azure Software Asset Management

Monitor and reduce maintenance and support costs often associated with on-premises software cloud migration, lower SaaS, IaaS and PaaS shelf ware incidents and decrease excessive maintenance contracts.

Workplace Modernization Assessment

Identify network attached physical devices, collect and analyze data associated with it and normalize information using standard naming conventions.

Contract Optimization

Align your IT environment to corporate strategy and negotiate agreements to maximize value, eliminate risks and achieve compliance.

Azure Cost Control Assessment

Deploy processes to ensure committed ROI by capitalizing on overall buying power with vendors through single volume licensing contracts

Cloud Economics Assessment

Dive deep into your business insights with a BI tool which can be included with the software license optimization to maximize your business results.

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