Today’s dynamic IT environment poses myriad threats as they move their applications, data and infrastructure to cloud. One of the potentially critical threats of cloud infrastructure is Cloud security which needs to be addressed with a refreshed strategy owing to the new risks associated with it. TEKPROS offers comprehensive cloud enablement services to help you take advantage of the benefits derived from a successful cloud implementation strategy. We provide hybrid IT security solutions across your on-premises and multiple cloud deployments and help you succeed in your cloud computing initiative.

Access Governance

Monitor usage and explore options to reduce risks associated with identity, management of user rights, permissions and other unauthenticated access.

Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway

Filter unwanted software/malware from web surfing using techniques like URL filtering, malicious code detection and filtering and enforce company regulatory policies

End point protection

End point protection

Secure all your endpoints from malicious web attacks using proactive security measures as vulnerability, patch, configuration management and more

cloud access governance

multi factor authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Conduct multi-factor protection to protect your business against compromised credentials and other causes of data breach.

Information Protection

Establish control of access and ensure that your sensitive business data is protected from Data breaches or malware using advanced security solutions

data loss protection

Data loss Protection

Install data loss prevention software as the part of the build by deploying agreed set of rules which enables you to verify and monitor the security of the data

advanced authentication

Advanced Authentication

Implement authentication beyond just name and password to protect your sensitive information from fraud, unauthorized access and other overriding security concerns

information protection
information centric encryption

Information Centric Encryption

Restrict and lock down access to sensitive data from anywhere with advanced security measures like combined identity, encryption etc to prevent suspicious and unauthorized access



Apply latest encryption techniques like tokenization to data security and ensure safe access, storage and transmission of sensitive business data in your organization

Secure and Manage Hybrid Cloud Your Platform for compliance and security

compliance and security

Advanced Threat Protection

Leverage our security solutions to identify, detect and investigate malicious threats, malware, compromised identities inside your organization and stay ahead in the security game

global threat intelligence

Global threat intelligence

Proactive security and mitigation strategies that delivers early warnings and actionable intelligence depending on the threats collected for minimizing risks and improving overall security posture.

cloud access security broker

Cloud Access Security Broker

Get help in extending your business security controls of their infrastructure to offer visibility, threat protection, compliance and data security.

advanced threat protection
layer protection

Layer Protection

Establish defense on multiple policy enforcement like endpoint, network, cloud to uncover breaches, threat sources offer remediation to attack

multi vector telemetry

Multi Vector Telemetry

Safeguard your domain with telemetry data of email, web, mobile and endpoints

Workload Protection

Security, compliance and remediation measures that are fully automated for protecting your endpoints, hybrid workloads, containers, etc round the clock and enhancing the overall security posture.

cloud workload security

Cloud Workload Security

Harden your business security posture by practices like enforcing permissions to your workloads, enhancing security configurations before the data breaches, and offer remediation using advanced algorithms

data center security

Data Center Security

Holisitic security policies to secure sensitive data and prevent cybercriminals entering the network by enforcing physical and software security.

workload protection
web application firewall

Web Application Firewall

Protect APIS, mobile apps from web attacks and DDoS from being compromised and prevent data breaches and cyber threats.

control and compliance

Control and Compliance

Maintain internal controls and risk management procedures to protect IT assets and tap into the potential of secure enterprise

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