Cloud transformation isn’t limited to merely shifting the workloads and application to cloud. It requires you to reimagine your IT infrastructure, assess and create new opportunities to future-proof your business in cloud. Whatever your business case may be, Tekpros works with your internal team to develop your cloud roadmap, devise a plan to execute your migration to cloud and strategize end-to-end solutions to achieve higher levels of performance through defined SLA’s. We help you adapt to the fast-paced technological developments in cloud and take the full advantage of your new cloud-based solutions.

Cloud Strategy

Conduct a multifactor Cloud readiness assessment and strategize an onboarding and cloud migration plan.

Cloud monitoring

Assess the IT environment, constantly monitor and fix issues before they impact the security of your infrastructure.

Multifactor Cloud Readiness Assessment

Assess the technical feasibility of the cloud for different parameters and generate a Proof of Concept.

Business Readiness

Identify stakeholders, analyze business considerations to determine whether the cloud services are right for your business.

Cloud orchestration

Strategize, develop and deploy applications by leveraging automation across IT environment and deliver service with greater flexibility.

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Cloud Migration

Migrate the workloads to cloud, identify the risks that hinder performance of critical business functions and secure your move to cloud.

Data migration

Automate data migration to cloud using standard process and tools.

Public/Private/hybrid set-up

Choose cloud set-up and migrate to cloud for enhanced performance and greater business agility

Remediation services

Perform comprehensive testing, identify issues and mitigate risks, and ensure smooth functioning of the applications.

Security Architecture

Protect your applications against various issues of cloud delivery by building security safeguards into the cloud architecture

Cloud Optimization

Assess your existing cloud architecture/design, identify gaps, automate cloud operations, optimize cost, usage and strengthen cloud security

Cost optimization

Identify usage, best discounting options and implement budget controls to meet business goals.

Governance and management

Automated and accelerated service delivery to ensure smooth process in your infrastructure

Performance optimization

End-to-end performance optimization strategies on key areas to keep running environments in perfect sync without compromising on quality standards.

Cloud SLA’s

Architect your cloud, prepare for outages to meet unpredictable demand.

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