Whether you are looking for standard evaluations or a comprehensive set of workforce solutions, Tekpros provides customized solutions to address complex workforce challenges. Our service delivery model is designed with strategies that equips you with the people, skills and competencies of today's corporate environment and drives your business forward.

Standard Evaluations

Standard evaluations to keep your staff productive, provide an equitable measurement of an employee’s contribution to the workforce and obtain a high level of quality and quantity in the work produced.

In-depth resume review

Analyze skill set, competencies and other metrics beyond merely scanning to evaluate whether the candidate fulfills the demands and nature of the organization

Online Skills testing

Perform over 500+ assessments to study the analytical, technical, career aspect of the individual down to the depths and details

Candidate Evaluation

Conduct educational, employment, work eligibility verification of the authenticity of the details provided by the candidate.

Online interview

Manage other assets and integrate records into a common database using inventory exports or reports.

Value Added Evaluations

Comprehensive value added services to analyze candidate on a deeper level and ensure they ace your job specification and go the extra mile in fulfilling job roles. Our services include

Employment History verification

Conduct an employment history verification to confirm that the information provided by employee during application is accurate

Background checks

Offer support to administrators/users to effectively install, activate an MDM agent and provide back-up support

Credit checks

Perform background checks on candidate’s basic personal and social information and ensure legal authenticity.

Behavioral profile

In depth assessments of employees in terms of behavior, attitude and personality traits.

Automate through Analytics :Unifying workforce planning behind a single system of truth


Comprehensive Workforce Solutions

We offer a full range of workforce solutions and talent-related capabilities to help unleash the power of people and accelerate your organization growth.

Contract Staffing

Evaluate and hire highly skilled teams or individual professionals for temporary support

Direct Placement Services

Conduct time tested and customized skill assessments to hire candidates with right technical skills for longer-term needs

Training and Education

Enforce stringent password policies to avoid unauthorized login or malicious attacks

Outsourced services

Protect sensitive MDM data and rely on owned secure channels instead of third party protocols

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