Cross channeling of data has led to data loss, theft, and exposure. Companies which suffer such risk face serious consequences like regulatory penalties, brand damage, distrust, and huge financial loss. Moreover, with practices like connected technologies, BYOD, sharing applications and data storage devices being a part of everyday technology- protection of critical and sensitive corporate data becomes a top priority. We deliver end-to-end data security services that proactively identify and mitigate risks, maintain business compliance and protect your business from intrusion.

IT Security Assessments

We help you understand your IT infrastructure and its associated vulnerabilities and devise a strategic security roadmap that effectively protects your business against data breach. Our services include:

Risk assessment

Discover possible risks and define mitigation strategies that fit your company's security objectives so as to prevent future data breaches and manage risks associated with it.

Security Audit

Evaluate your company's present security environment and deliver security roadmap based on industry standard frameworks and controls.

Vulnerability testing

Eliminate exposure to software defects, safeguard sensitive information and protect the critical assets of your IT environment.

Threat Modelling

Assess and quantify the vulnerabilities in the organization and deploy information security solutions to mitigate risks and offer protection.

Information Security Operations

Detect advanced threats and minimize the damages caused by data breaches faster and provide a secure ground for your cloud environment.

Firewall management

Unified security policies that integrate traditional and next-generation firewall into a single console, automate end-to-end firewall management and ensure continuous business compliance.

End point and Mobile security

Handle simple to advanced endpoint security operations such as software distribution, configuration management and gain access to the direct management of endpoint security functionality.

Threat Hunting

Advanced threat analytics to monitor and identify threats, attacks, vulnerabilities that traditional security methods miss to detect.

Incident Response

Use threat intelligence to respond and recover from IT incidents faster using the most current security mechanisms, reduce exposure to risks and strengthen readiness to attacks.

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Vulnerability management

Prevent data breaches by providing safe data sharing and access via secure channels, provide authentication mechanisms to restrict access to specific categories and enable secure mobility across corporate cloud based applications.

Device and User Identification

Complete set of solutions that help you monitor information your users access, provide device authentication and a secure network access.

Policy based access

Protect your business from inappropriate data use or data loss by identifying and preserving any data in any computer, device or network.

Patch Management

Test and install multiple patches to an administered computer system, perform backups and keep your enterprise protected and compliant.


Assess and define configuration requirements to fulfill corporate security policy and ensure overall readiness of compliance..

Data protection

We apply advanced detection and mitigation techniques to secure applications and web servers against data loss, theft and application specific attacks with industry leading tools and services.

Application Security

Protect critical applications with web application security policies that block suspicious access, restricts vulnerable pages and ensure optimum performance.

DNS Security

Prevent DDoS attacks, block sites that propagate malware/spam and ensure solid security posture in the IT environment.

Threat protection

Monitor and identify high-risk behavior and activity, control threats and protect your cloud environment from malicious attacks and other threats.

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